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Riot Games wins a Sports Emmy for Outstanding Live Graphic Design

Congratulations to Riot!


Riot Games was presented with the first-ever Sports Emmy awarded to a video game company on Tuesday evening. The company won the award for Outstanding Live Graphic Design for the opening ceremony design for the League of Legends 2017 World Championships in China.

League won over Eleague, NBA All-Star Weekend, the NBA Finals, and ESPN/ESPN2’s college basketball.

Riot Games global executive producer Ariel Horn was the one to accept the award on stage. Check out the acceptance speech below.

The Worlds opening ceremony with the Elder Dragon appearance is what pushed Riot Games to win this award and it’s certainly well deserved. If you haven’t checked out the ceremony from last year, you probably should. You know the dragon was well made when the initial reactions to it were, “Wait, is that real?” as if a dragon could just be on a stage.

So I guess this means Elder Dragon won Riot Games the game, huh? That buff is pretty strong.