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LCS 2018 Spring Split playoff quarterfinals: schedule, results, and more

Which teams will win their way to Miami and Copenhagen?

Riot Games

After nine weeks of tense competition and seven different tie breaker matches, the LCS playoffs are finally here. While the top two teams in each league receive a week off as a reward for their regular season play, the other four playoff teams will duke it out in each region’s quarterfinals.

The most exciting match ups of the weekend will start off in Europe with Team Vitality, who narrowly missed out on a bye, taking on H2K, who recovered from a bad early split to barely sneak into playoffs, but have looked good over the last several weeks.

Meanwhile, in North America, the premier match of the LCS quarterfinals will be Team Liquid vs Cloud9 as two of the league’s most talented and inconsistent teams go head to head to see which one will move on to face either Echo Fox or 100 Thieves in the semifinals.

Each of the LCS playoff matches will be broadcast on the Riot Games Twitch channel and Youtube channel, as well as on LoL Esports. This will be the first time a Thursday match from the NA LCS Academy series is broadcast.


Thursday, March 22

NA LCS Academy

Team Liquid Academy vs Echo Fox Academy, 3-1

Friday, March 23


Splyce vs ROCCAT, 3-0

NA LCS Academy

Cloud9 Academy vs FlyQuest Academy, 3-0

Saturday, March 24


Team Vitality vs H2K, 3-2


Team Liquid vs Cloud9, 3-0

Sunday, March 25


TSM vs Clutch Gaming, 3-1