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Riot’s new Must Watch Matches will make it easier to keep up with international LoL

And its even got broadcast times for EU and NA.

Riot Games

Riot announced late Monday that it would be adding a brand new broadcast to its weekly League of Legends content called Must Watch Matches.

According to Riot’s announcement, Must Watch Matches are a selection of the three best and most interesting series across the LCK, LPL, NA LCS, and EU LCS each week as selected by a panel of casters from each region. These matches will then be rebroadcast in their original form, one after the other.

The rebroadcast will air twice, every Tuesday, with the first starting at 1:00 p.m. EST and the other starting at 9:00 p.m. EST which should give fans from both Europe and North America a prime time to catch up on the games they missed from the week.

These rebroadcasts will be shown on Riot’s YouTube and Twitch channels, as well as on The first week’s matches started earlier this morning and will include these three matches: FC Schalke 04 vs G2 Esports, Edward Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up, and King-Zone DragonX vs BBQ Olivers