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Rift Rivals 2017: NA/EU schedule, streams and results

After almost 4 years, it’s finally time for the return of the EU vs NA tournament!

Riot Games

Back in 2013 Riot held its first ever Europe vs North America League of Legends competition, called Battle of the Atlantic. Due to some controversial point distribution, North America won the tournament — technically — despite Europe coming out the tournament with a better record.

Of the ten teams that competed at that tournament, only Fnatic, Cloud9 and Team SoloMid, will make their return to once again represent their region at Rift Rivals.

North America will also send third place Spring Split team Phoenix1 who have faced significant struggles in the first several weeks of the Summer Split as they have moved two members of their starting roster and are currently sitting at a 3-7 record after five weeks. Meanwhile, Europe will be represented by Mid-Season Invitational runner-up G2 Esports as well as Spring Split third place, finisher Unicorns of Love.

The two regions’ representatives will face off against each team from the rival region twice. After that the team with the best record in each region will face off in a best-of-five to determine the champion.

Riot Games

This post will be updated live with the tournament including GAME RESULTS.

Group Stage

Day 1 - July 5

  • Team SoloMid vs G2 Esports, 18-10
  • Fnatic vs Phoenix1, 11-7
  • G2 Esports vs Cloud9, 17-14
  • Unicorns of Love vs Phoenix1, 22-7
  • Cloud9 vs Fnatic, 17-10
  • Team SoloMid vs Unicorns of Love, 18-6

Day 2 - July 6

  • Cloud9 vs Unicorns of Love, 15-6
  • G2 Esports vs Phoenix1, 20-5
  • Team SoloMid vs Fnatic, 17-12
  • Cloud9 vs G2 Esports, 14-9
  • Phoenix1 vs Fnatic, 12-16
  • Unicorns of Love vs Team SoloMid, 21-15

Day 3 - July 7

  • Phoenix1 vs G2 Esports, 11 a.m. EST
  • Unicorns of Love vs Cloud9, 12 p.m. EST
  • Fnatic vs Team SoloMid, 1 p.m. EST
  • Phoenix1 vs Unicorns of Love, 2 p.m. EST
  • Fnatic vs Cloud9, 3 p.m. EST
  • G2 Esports vs Team SoloMid, 4 p.m. EST

Finals (best-of-five)

Unicorns of Love vs. Team SoloMid, 12 p.m. EST