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Team Liquid and Tim Sevenhuysen announce new competitive analysis tool Shadow LOL

Is this the first step in LOL’s data revolution?

Riot Games

On Thursday, Team Liquid, in partnership with League of Legends’ statistician Tim Sevenhuysen, announced the creation of a new set of tools aimed at aiding professional players, coaches and analysts.

The tool is called Shadow LOL and will include a number of features specifically designed to gather, organize and implement data throughout the competitive League of Legends landscape. The tool will do things like analyze trends within a specific player’s champion pool, provide in-depth and customizable replays and track organized scrim results for teams.

Shadow LOL’s business model will rely on teams to pay about $820 a month for the service. While other video analysis tools have existed in and around the game, such as Fluendo’s Rift Analyst software, Shadow is the first to be released that is specifically aimed at professional teams and organizations.

While it remains to be seen just how much use this platform will get, this is the first major step forward in the competitive analytics around League of Legends since sites such as, founded by Shadow LOL’s lead Tim Sevenhuysen, started collecting advance statistics from competitive matches.