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Riot gifts pro League players world championship rings, career achievement pins

Will Faker end his career with more rings than he has fingers?

Bae "Bang" Jun-sik revealed his newest prize on Twitter: a championship ring. League of Legends has joined the list of (e)sports that you can now win a ring from, next to the NBA and NFL.

The ring has Bae’s summoner name, position and name on the ring, along with the team’s logo on the front.

This is the ring from the 2015 World Championship, so we can probably assume SKT T1 will be sent another set for winning in 2016. Since this ring is older, it’s probably safe to assume that all the former champs will be getting their rings.

Riot has also given the North American League Championship Series players pins at the latest player summit, celebrating their achievements. Check out some of them below.

There seems to be pins for participating in Worlds, Mid-season Invitational and NA LCS, as well as pins for MVP, split championships and just general participation. We’re unsure if the rings and pins are something that Riot will continue to reward players in the future or if they’re just gifts celebrating past achievements.