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The League of Legend’s 2017 World Championship will be played on Patch 7.18

Only six more patches left!

Worlds is coming up sooner than you realize. Really, we are only a few months away from your sleep schedule being destroyed. Perhaps the biggest wake up call for this was a new board post by League of Legends’ Lead Gameplay Designer, Riot Meddler. In the latest Dev Corner from Meddler, he announced the patch that worlds will be played on.

Originally slated for Patch 7.19, worlds will be played on 7.18, only six patches away from last week’s Patch 7.12. If Riot sticks to their usual two week patch cycle, 7.18 should release on September 5, a little over two weeks before the September 23 start date of the World Championship.

So, what does this early timing mean for us? Well, a few things. No major changes will take place after Patch 7.14 or 7.15. This is to ensure that pro players have adequate time to adjust to bigger changes. Patches 7.16 and 7.17 will probably be mostly balance patches with very little new content, attempting to refine the world’s meta before the tournament.

Now that we know the official patch, worlds feels even closer than before. As for what new content will be added between now and then? One can only imagine the possibilities (Urgot rework for Faker please).