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PraY and Rekkles dueled in a Garen 1v1 at All-Stars 2017

Yes, they did dance.

Riot Games

Kim "PraY" Jong-in and Martin “Rekkles” Larsson were set to duel it out in the All-Stars 1v1. According to the post game interview with Ovilee May, they were going to both pick marksmen but in the end decided to go with something funnier: Garen.

The match started out as you’d expect. They walked out slowly to meet up in the Howling Abyss and after highlighting each other using the Sweeping Lens, they began to dance. After all, what would a Garen duel be without doing one of the most iconic dances in the game?

After a bit of push, Kim eventually flashed in on Larsson and got the kill.

The match was smiles all around and the two even used their bans to spell out “LZ PraY.”

Friday had its fair share of serious and calculated matches but seeing the silly Garen face-off to finish up the day was great. Kim will going against Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao on Saturday evening in the 1v1 Semifinals.