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Pro League of Legends player steals his teammate's pentakill, chants 'MVP! MVP!'


Hong Kong Esports jungler Xue "DinTer" Hong-Wei is an S-tier troll. How do I know? This frankly amazing turn of events in LMS action Friday.

In a close game against Machi E-Sports, Hong Kong AD Carry Jeong "Raison" Soo-bin picked up four kills in an explosive fight that sealed the game for his team. With just a low-health Maokai left for Machi, Raison's Caitlyn had the pentakill wrapped up, right?


That's when DinTer's Rek'Sai struck, coming out of nowhere to tunnel over the wall and smite Maokai to take the final kill.

Observe the responses of the different parties involved:

First, mid laner Lam "Gear" Kwok Wa, who can't believe what just happened:

And then Raison, the man whose pentakill was stolen away, trying to grieve while DinTer chants "MVP, MVP!" a few seats down.

DinTer actually went back to base at the start of the fight and used Rek'Sai ultimate ability to teleport back in, burrowing over the wall and quickly smiting just to grab that last kill.

When Graves died, leaving just Maokai left, DinTer wasn't even nearby yet!

But sure enough, he made it in time to burrow over the wall and smite Maokai for the kill.

Thank you, DinTer, and thank you, Hong Kong Esports, for all of this. And thank you Reddit, for bringing it to our attention.