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Flash Wolves announces roster will return next year

The LMS squad manages to keep its all-star roster together.

Riot Games

It’s been a good two years for the Flash Wolves. With back-to-back LMS titles, a quarterfinal finish at last year’s Worlds, a semifinal finish at MSI, three wins over SKT and a semifinal finish at last year’s IEM, the team has been one of the most successful in LMS history.

A group stage exit at this year’s Worlds was certainly disappointing, but there are no doubts about the core trio of Flash Wolves’ all-Taiwanese roster. Jungler Hau-Hsuan “Karsa” Hung, mid laner Yi-Tang “Maple” Huang and support Shuo-Jie “SwordArt” Hu are all considered among the best at their positions in the world, and rumors had been flying for around a year now that at least Karsa and Maple may depart the LMS for greener pastures.

Well, good news, Flash Wolves fans. The team is sticking together, as all five starters have signed on for another two years, the team announced Tuesday.

While Karsa, Maple and SwordArt are considered world-class players, Flash Wolves have had problems, especially at the AD Carry position, where Wen-An “NL” Hsiung has come under fire for his low level of play compared to the rest of the team and his frequent presence in the Diamond tier of the Korean solo queue ladder, while the rest of his teammates are in Challenger.

But it appears NL will probably not be the starting AD Carry next year. ESPN freelancer and LMS expert Xander Torres tweeted NL said on stream he will likely switch out next season and not start.