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kt Rolster signs Bdd and SnowFlower

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Crown is coming to North America to start for OpTic Gaming

SK Telecom T1 signs Khan, Teddy and Mata

Former world champions Ambition and Crown have parted ways with Gen.G esports

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Has the gap between Korean and non-Korean teams really closed at Worlds 2018?

Worlds 2018 Lightning Round: Deft hates salmon

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Samsung Galaxy’s World Championship skins have been revealed

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Faker wins Best Esports Player at The Game Awards

Rush comes back to competitive League, joins kt Rolster

Both 2017 Worlds finalists were upset in the KeSPA Cup semifinals

KSV eSports acquire world champion team Samsung Galaxy

Former SKT jungler Peanut has joined Longzhu Gaming

This stream has:

Competitive League off-season: roster changes, team updates and more

SK telecom T1 part ways with jungler Peanut and mid laner Sky

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