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bbq Tempt’s Taliyah earns first pentakill of LCK 2017

10/0/2 on LeBlanc and a Taliyah pentakill? A good day at the office for Tempt.

Wednesday’s series between MVP and bbq Olivers didn’t carry quite the hype coming into it as some of the other high profile LCK matches this week, but it did produce one thing the rest couldn’t: a pentakill. bbq mid laner Tempt locked in Taliyah for Game 3 of the crucial series between teams expected to be fighting to get out of the relegation spots, and did not let his team down.

With bbq holding a slight lead at 27 minutes in a close game, Tempt’s Taliyah output a ridiculous amount of damage in a fight near Baron, earning the Pentakill and securing his team the victory.

The pentakill helped complete what was a comeback victory for bbq. MVP won Game 1 of the series, and for Game 2 decided for some reason to become the first red side team of the LCK season not to ban LeBlanc. bbq instantly locked in the champion, and Tempt popped off, going 10/0/2 in an easy victory.

But that wouldn’t even be his highlight of the day, pulling together the pentakill later to secure the series victory. Tempt was named series MVP, with a 15/3/7 score over the three games and a remarkable 96 percent kill participation.