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MadLife, rest of CJ Entus roster released after relegation

One of the most widely known supports in League of Legends is now a free agent.

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One of the oldest esports organizations in South Korea, CJ Entus has been around since 2001 and has been involved with competitive League of Legends since the very start of the competitive scene in the country, first forming a team in 2012. After multiple third-place LCK finishes in 2015, the team collapsed in 2016, finishing in eighth place in the Spring Season and 10th place in the Summer Season.

Following the conclusion of the Summer Season, CJ Entus was relegated, getting swept by ESC Ever in the loser’s bracket of the promotion/relegation tournament. Now, just over three months later, the organization has released its entire roster under “mutual agreement,” with the future of its League of Legends team uncertain.

[ENTUS News] (written in Kor/Eng ver.) 팬 여러분, 안녕하세요. 오늘 아쉬운 소식을 전해드리게 되었습니다. CJ엔투스 LoL팀은 선수들의 의사를 존중하여 선수 전원과 상호 합의하에 계약...

Posted by CJ ENTUS on Wednesday, November 30, 2016

That means now included among the litany of Korean free agents are top laners Sang-myeon “Shy” Park and Ui-jin “Untara” Park, junglers Jun-hyeong “Bubbling” Park and Min-seung “Haru” Kang, mid laners Bo-seong “Bdd” Gwak and Ha-neul “Sky” Kim, AD Carries Yong-jun “Ghost” Jang and Jong-hun “Kramer” Ha and support Min-gi “MadLife” Hong.

Of those players, the 17-year-old Bdd, a top mid lane prospect, and the 24-year-old veteran MadLife will likely be of the most immediate interest to other teams. MadLife was on the Azubu Frost team that finished as runners-up at Season 2 Worlds, and has been known as one of the best Thresh players in the world.