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KT Rolster signs Smeb, PawN

Could this finally be the team to challenge SK Telecom?

Riot Games

KT Rolster has signed two of the biggest free agents in all of League of Legends, bringing in former ROX Tigers top laner Kyung-ho “Smeb” Song and former EDward Gaming/Samsung mid laner Won-seok “PawN” Heo, the team announced in a press release Monday.

KT Rolster has also re-signed jungler Dong-bin “Score” Go, the unquestioned star of the team this past split and a veteran who has been with KT Rolster since 2012. The team still needs to sign a bottom lane, and with Hyuk-kyu “Deft” Kim and Se-hyeong “Mata” Cho still on the market, there’s been talks of a Korean superteam to challenge SKT’s reign of dominance.

Smeb is widely considered the best player in the world not named Faker, and led the ROX Tigers to an impressive season and an eventual World semifinal exit to SKT. PawN won Season 4 Worlds while with Samsung White, and left for China along with a high number of other Korean stars following that season.

Smeb will be replacing Chan-ho “Ssumday” Kim in the top lane, who announced his free agency Monday. PawN will be replacing Yong-jun “Fly” Song in the mid lane.

KT Rolster just barely missed out on Worlds in 2016 after falling to the ROX Tigers in the LCK finals and to Samsung Galaxy in the Regional Finals.