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Kongdoo Monster hires legendary Starcraft pro MC as League of Legends coach

Interesting move for the newly promoted LCK squad.

Legendary professional Starcraft II player Min-chul “MC” Jang has been named the head coach of Kongdoo Monster’s League of Legends team, the organization announced Wednesday. At one point the highest-earning Starcraft player in the world, MC retired from his position as a professional player with CJ Entus last month.

Coincidentally enough, CJ Entus is the team Kongdoo Monster will be replacing in the LCK next split. Kongdoo Monster, formerly known as e-mFire, last played in the LCK in the Spring 2016 split, posting a 1-17 record and getting relegated along with SBENU Sonicboom. But the team rebounded with a strong Challenger split in the summer, winning promotion back to the LCK for the 2017 season.

MC began his professional career in 2009 with MBCGame HERO, and played with Old Generations, SK Gaming, Trig Esports and CJ Entus over his career. He first retired in June 2015 before returning to play for CJ Entus this year. His major championships as a player include the IEM Season VI World Championship, the 2014 WCS Season 1 Europe championship and Red Bull Battlegrounds: Austin in 2012.

According to the Fomos.KR report linked above, MC is a Master-level League player, so he’s not completely new to the game.

Kongdoo Monster’s roster currently includes former KT Rolster substitute Ho-seong “Edge” Lee in the mid lane and former Taipei Assassins AD Carry Do-yeop “GuGer” Kim at support. The team will be competing in the KeSPA Cup later this month.