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Akali rework designer CertainlyT talks about Twilight Shroud and his vision

Bwipo on the season 8 meta and how it helped him start in the LCS

The Aatrox rework wasn’t for his fans, but the rest of us

How Riot designed Pyke, an assassin in the body of a support

How Nadeshot made 100 Thieves one of North America’s best in just a few months

Echo Fox’s Fenix on Dardoch’s growth, the Spring Split, and what he misses about Korea

Team Liquid’s Pobelter talks Miami, Azir, and the team’s struggles mid-split

Bjergsen on his new teammates, the “TSM way” and Zoe

Captain Flowers talks about being a caster, how to play Zoe and building boots on Skarner

According to GorillA, Teemo support is the best way to climb during preseason

Sneaky talks about wanting to play against former teammate Hai again in 2018

Meddler talks about the creation process behind Runes Reforged and preseason

Backstage with Rivington: seeing what makes a NA LCS Finals

Huhi talks about changing junglers and his best professional year ever

Riot’s project team talks to us about the latest Star Guardian event

TL CEO Steve on LCS franchising: 'It's the first time esports is a real f***ing sport'

Pokimane on Offline TV, trying new things and why Scarra is most like Zilean

How Riot made new animations and decided which champions to focus on

Talking to Ryu, the happiest player in NA

Azael: “I was expecting more of a harsh reception than I got”

Steve Arhancet talks TL Doublelift and the challenges still ahead

Greg ‘Ghostcrawler’ Street on balancing League of Legends, the future of class updates and more

Ghostcrawler on Ziggs bot and what Riot needs to fix with ADCs

Ghostcrawler on Ivern buffs: ‘Maybe we reacted too quickly’

Ghostcrawler: ‘We’d like to see if we can make [support] more attractive’

Ghostcrawler on plants: ‘Our messaging was not good’

TSM Parth talks IEM Oakland, ADC transition, practice

Why IEM might be the most important event on the esports calendar

Spiral Cats talk cosplay in America and what gives them strength

Ted Leonsis: “I do believe [esports] will be as mainstream as Hollywood and the NBA”

Amateur city vs. city League of Legends tournament launches in US movie theaters

SSG Cuvee talks H2K win, final vs. SKT, top lane matchups