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Worlds 2018: A Lightning Round with Fnatic’s Bwipo

He really loves his team

Riot Games

Fnatic just finished out the Worlds 2018 Group Stage with an explosive tiebreaker match against Invictus Gaming, winning and taking their group’s first seed. We got to do a Lightning Round with top laner Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau, who was in an absolutely amazing mood after the match.

While this is our last Lightning Round for Worlds and you’re probably already hip to how this works, here’s our final explainer. Our questions are pulled from players we’ve talked to in the past, fans on Twitter and more. While some questions are League related, most of them aren’t. The players also only have five minutes to burst through as many as possible. Bwipo answered 22 questions, which is a new record!

The interview below has been edited for clarity and length.

What is one food you would never eat?

Bwipo: Live octopus.

The Rift Herald: Have you been challenged with that since you came to Korea?

Bwipo: No, but someone else I know was.

What is your favorite movie? (From Vitality’s Jactroll.)

Bwipo: I don’t think I have one. Any of the Avengers movies are cool.

Would it be funny if you got interviewed by WildTurtle? (From FlyQuest’s WildTurtle.)

Bwipo: Actually it would be I think, that guy’s hilarious.

The Rift Herald: He’s here actually!

Bwipo: Oh, yeah! If he wants to interview me I’m 100 percent down.

Is there another player here you would like to befriend? (From Gen.G’s CoreJJ.)

Bwipo: CoreJJ he added me on solo queue and we’ve actually been talking. He’s really cool, so I’d like to befriend CoreJJ.

If you retire, what would you want to do after? (From Afreeca’s Kuro.)

Bwipo: I think I would want to coach the game. Teach other people how to be better at it, that would be nice.

When is the time you wanted to give up the pro gamer life the most? (From kt’s Smeb.)

Bwipo: I don’t think I ever want to give up. If I’m at the bottom of my career, that means I just have to get up and work harder.

If you were to make a LoL dream team, who would you recruit? (From LoL_GZB.)

Bwipo: Broxah, Caps, Rekkles, Hylissang.

If you were trapped in a closet for 24 hours with one person on your team who would it be? (From Ovilee May.)

Bwipo: Either Hylissang cause he’s really funny or Caps cause he’s really funny or Broxah cause that guy’s awesome. Rekkles would be cool cause I’d get to know him better and Soaz would be cool cause we could talk top lane.

Do you like being the team carry or getting carried? (From Flash Wolves’ Maple.)

Bwipo: I like both. I think it’s important that I can do both. I like giving my teammates the spotlight cause I think they’re amazing and really good at the game, but I also think I’m pretty good at the game so I can carry them sometimes too.

How do you take your coffee?

Bwipo: As sweet as possible.

The Rift Herald: So lots of cream and sugar?

Bwipo: Uhm, not a lot necessarily, but I think black is not the way to go for me at least.

Who is your favorite K-Pop artist? (From txtdol.)

Bwipo: Can I say a band? Twice.

If you had to switch roles, which would you play? (From iG’s Duke.)

Bwipo: I already did! [laughs] Bottom lane.

What Hogwarts house would you be in?

Bwipo: Actually, funnily enough, there are certain lines of play that we follow that we named after the Hogwarts houses. My favorite is Gryffindor it’s cool.

If you could live in one video game universe, what would it be?

Bwipo: That's a really tough question, I think World of Warcraft would be cool, but League of Legends would be cool too.

The Rift Herald: League of Legends seems pretty brutal.

Bwipo: Yeah, that’s what I mean, but if you’re OP, you’re OP. If you could be Aatrox and go around ending worlds that’s pretty cool. I love that champion.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a pro? (From Cloud9’s Jensen and 100 Thieves’ Ssumday.)

Bwipo: Probably studying somewhere at university. That or trying to go pro.

Who’s your favorite pro player? (From Team Liquid’s V1per.)

Bwipo: Faker. I’ve been a big fan of his for a long time and I actually queued into him in solo queue for the first time yesterday and I was really hype.

The Rift Herald: How’d it go?

Bwipo: I won both games I played against him. One I ended with a quadra kill so that felt amazing.

Would you rather fight a Hecarim sized Scuttle Crab or 10 Scuttle sized Hecarims? (From Riot Stellari.)

Bwipo: I think I’d fight the Hecarim sized Scuttle cause he doesn’t fight back.

The Rift Herald: I think that’s probably the only right answer.

Bwipo: Yeah, I mean if the scuttled fucked me up, I’d pick the Hecarims cause Hecarim is useless. [laughs]

What do you want to do if you win Worlds, retire or keep playing? (From Flash Wolves’ SwortArt.)

Bwipo: This isn’t even a question. Keep playing! I would want to win again.

What toppings do you get on your pizza?

Bwipo: Probably just pepperoni for American and Salami for European. Not too much though.

The Rift Herald: Pineapple?

Bwipo: No, I don’t mind but ... no.

What is your favorite flavor of potato chips?

Bwipo: Same way I like my video games: salty.

What is your favorite skin? (From EDG’s Meiko.)

Bwipo: Full Metal Jayce, Headhunter Rengar or Mecha Aatrox.

Which region do you think is the strongest? (From Team Liquid’s Cain.)

Bwipo: Europe.

The final task: Contribute a question to add to the jar for future interviews.

Bwipo: How do you win worlds?

The Rift Herald: And what’s your answer?

Bwipo: By playing League of Legends.