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Worlds 2018: A Lightning Round with FlyQuest’s WildTurtle

In a Fizz onesie!

Julia Lee/Polygon

FlyQuest AD carry Jason “WildTurtle” Tran is in Busan interviewing various people on a quest to find out why North America is bad every year at Worlds. During his quest, we pulled him into an interview room for a quick Rift Herald Lightning Round.

Things are winding down for the 2018 World Championship Group Stages, but we’re still interviewing people. Our Lightning Round questions come from Twitter, players we’ve already talked to and even more groups of people that I’m honestly tired of typing out at this point. (Don’t worry — I source all of the questions, so you can go read our older interviews or visit the sources of the questions on social media.)

WildTurtle was pretty excited to join us for a Lightning Round and blasted through a ton of questions at top speed.

The interview below has been edited for clarity and length.

What’s your favorite movie? (From Vitality’s Jactroll.)

WildTurtle: The Dark Knight.

What is your go-to feed after a night of drinking? (From Ashley Kang.)

WildTurtle: Soondubu. (Korean spicy tofu stew.)

The Rift Herald: Really? That’s an interesting choice.

WildTurtle: It’s an interesting thing that keeps happening to me. I get drunk and then I go get soondubu.

What is one food you would never eat?

WildTurtle: Dog. I would never eat a dog! Ever!

If you could live in one video game universe, which would you pick?

WildTurtle: Pokémon, for sure. I just want to have six pets.

The Rift Herald: I was talking about this with Ovilee! There are like, giant bees with drills for hands!

WildTurtle: Well, I got a Pikachu so, y’know.

The Rift Herald: So as long as you have something to protect yourself?

WildTurtle: Yeah, as long as I have stronger Pokémon ...

DC or Marvel?

WildTurtle: Marvel.

Who do you think is the cutest player at Worlds? (From Xander Torres.)

WildTurtle: Huh ... Smeb. Easy.

Look at that smile!
Riot Games

What’s the skin you hate the absolute most?

WildTurtle: The Pulsefire Twisted Fate skin because you can’t see his ultimate. Hate that skin.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

WildTurtle: Turtle. [pauses] Or cow. I think maybe a cow.

The Rift Herald: Wait. Why a cow?

WildTurtle: I think they’re kind of fun, too. You just eat grass 24/7. It’s not a bad lifestyle.

Who’s the best player in your region who isn’t at Worlds? (From Emily Rand.)

WildTurtle: It has to be WildTurtle, right? :)

Who’s the messiest person on your team?

WildTurtle: Flame, 100%. Hands down, no question.

If you had to play another game competitively instead, what would you pick?

WildTurtle: Dota 2.

The Rift Herald: For the money?

WildTurtle: Nope, I just like playing Dota 2.

The Rift Herald: A lot of people say they would for the money, too!

WildTurtle: Well, for the money, too, then.

Coke or Pepsi?

WildTurtle: Coke, but I’d choose neither if I had a choice.

If you had to make your own League team, what would you name it?

WildTurtle: Turtle Squad.

The Rift Herald: The turtle brand is so strong.

WildTurtle: It can be used for almost anything! [laughs]

If you could be an MMO class IRL, which would you pick?

WildTurtle: Mage, because teleportation. I need teleportation.

If you retire, what do you want to do after? (From Afreeca’s Kuro.)

WildTurtle: I just want to do stuff I love. It could be anything. Whatever I find that I’m passionate about and that I like doing. It could be playing another video game.

Imagine you just got your milk out of the refrigerator to pour it into cereal, coffee, whatever you like. Do you shake your milk before you pour it?

WildTurtle: Nope. I always get a stomach ache every time I shake it.

The Rift Herald: Wait, really? What does that have to do with anything?

WildTurtle: I’m lactose intolerant, so maybe that’s the fact!

The Rift Herald: That’s definitely why your stomach hurts, not because you shake it!

WildTurtle: Well, it could be that, too!

If you would to make a LoL dream team, who would you pick on your team? (From LoL_GZB.)

The Rift Herald: You can ignore the import rule.

WildTurtle: So specifically to NA?

The Rift Herald: No, no, like you don’t have to limit yourself to two imports.

WildTurtle: Can we skip this one? It’s going to be hard. I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head.

The Rift Herald: Uzi five times. Five Uzis.

WildTurtle: Five Fakers. There you go.

What champion would you delete from the game if you could?

WildTurtle: Shaco because he’s so weird and he gets so fed sometimes.

The Rift Herald: Do you know The Shaco Effect?

WildTurtle: No.

The Rift Herald: The Shaco on your team sucks and is the worst and the Shaco on the enemy team is a god.

WildTurtle: Yeah, it’s always like that. Every time.

Riot Games

What is your go-to pick-up line? (From Vitality’s Kikis.)

WildTurtle: I’ve never picked up a girl with a pick-up line in my life.

The Rift Herald: I don’t think anyone has picked up a girl using a pick-up line before.

WildTurtle: So what is my pick-up line? I think my pick-up line would be like, “Girl, have you seen WildTurtle’s Thresh? Because it’s gonna hook your heart.”

The Rift Herald: Holy crap, that’s the best.

WildTurtle: I just came up with that.

What’s your favorite skin?

WildTurtle: High Noon Lucian, right now.

What toppings do you get on your pizza?

WildTurtle: All veggies. Mushrooms, banana peppers, jalapeños, olives, all those.

The Rift Herald: Pineapples?

WildTurtle: No.

The final task: Contribute a question to add to the Lightning Round jar.

WildTurtle: Would it be funny if you got interviewed by WildTurtle? :)