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Worlds 2018: A Lightning Round with RNG’s Letme

While he might have avoided answering some of the questions directly, he gave us a great question to ask in the future

Julia Lee/Polygon

Royal Never Give Up walked away with the first seed spot from Group B at the 2018 World Championships. We pulled in top laner Yan “Letme” Jun-Ze for our Lightning Round.

Our Lightning Round questions come from so many people at this point, that it’s kind of a pain to list them out. The important thing to know is that some of them come from players who we’ve done Lightning Rounds with in the past. Those are the good, good questions.

The interview below has been edited for clarity and length. Riot Games provided a translator for this interview.

What is your go-to food after a night of drinking? (From Ashley Kang.)

Letme: I haven’t had a night of drinking. So if I’m really drunk, I won’t remember anything, so I won’t remember my go-to food!

When you take off your socks, do you ever smell them? (From RNG’s Xiaohu.)

Letme: Xiaohu? [laughs] Yes, I do!

What toppings do you get on your pizza?

Letme: I don’t like pizza.

Who is the best player in your region who isn’t at Worlds? (From Emily Rand.)

Letme: As for now, I don’t think there is one.

If you had to switch roles, which would you pick? (From IG’s Duke.)

Letme: Still top lane.

The Rift Herald: Top lane or die!

What champion do you want your skin for if/when you win Worlds?

Letme: I don’t want to think about this! I’ll consider it carefully after I win the World Championship.

Which region do you think is the strongest? (From Team Liquid’s Cain.)

Letme: The one who take Worlds this year is the strongest. :)

(Ed. note: The translator laughed here and noted that Letme is very “official” and even she can’t take it. Letme laughed.)

Do you prefer being the team carry or getting carried? (From Flash Wolves’ Maple.)

Letme: Both. If it’s possible for me to get carried, but I want both.

What’s your favorite skin? (From EDG’s Meiko.)

Letme: I barely use skins, but if I had to pick one, maybe Mecha Aatrox.

What temperature do you keep your home?

Letme: A temperature I feel comfortable with. [laughs]

Would you rather fight a Hecarim-sized Scuttle Crab or 10 Scuttle Crab-sized Hecarims? (From Riot Stellari.)

Letme, very confused: In real life?

The Rift Herald: Yep.

Letme: If they don’t beat me, I’ll beat them all!

The final task: Contribute a question to ask in future Lightning Rounds.

Letme: If you were locked in a room and you could only have your girlfriend or your computer, which would you pick? [laughs]

The Rift Herald: What’s your answer to that?

Letme: My computer! [laughs]