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Worlds 2018: A Lightning Round with Team Liquid’s Cain

RNG’s questions got him good

Julia Lee/Polygon

Team Liquid took their first win on day four of the 2018 World Championship Group Stages against MAD Team and coach Jang “Cain” Nu-ri could not be in a better mood. Obviously, we had to pull him into a Lightning Round to celebrate.

Our Lightning Rounds are composed of questions from other folks we’ve interviewed, Vox Media staff, yours truly and even some people scattered about the press room. If a player or press member asked the question, we attribute them. (I don’t really want credit for Xiaohu’s sock smelling question, anyway.)

The interview below has been edited for clarity and length.

Imagine you just got your milk out of the refrigerator to pour it into cereal, coffee, whatever you like. Do you shake your milk before you pour it?

Cain: Actually ... no.

What is one food you would never eat?

Cain: I’m not sure. I usually eat everything! [laughs] Do you know Korean traditional food?

The Rift Herald: I know some!

Cain: Hongeo (fermented fish). I don’t like that.

Who talks the most shit on your team? (From RNG’s Mlxg.)

Cain: [bursts into laughter] Who talks the most shit on your team? Oh ... This is very sensitive information. [laughs]

The Rift Herald: It’s sensitive? You don’t want to share?

Cain: Maybe ... Peter?

The Rift Herald: That’s what I would have guessed.

Cain: You already know that!

Do you like Uniboy? (From MAD Team’s Uniboy.)

Cain: [laughs] I like him! I like him because we won today!

The Rift Herald: Oh no!

Cain: [laughs more] He’s good.

If you had to switch roles, which would you pick? (From iG’s Duke.)

The Rift Herald: So normally for players, they’d switch mid, top, you know. But since you’re a coach, which would you play?

Cain: Support because when I was a player I was a support.

When you take off your socks, do you smell them? (From RNG’s Xiaohu.)

Cain: [laughs] What the fuck?!

The Rift Herald: RNG has the, uhm, weird questions!

Cain: [laughs] Mmmmaybe! Maybe ... yeah.

Coke or Pepsi?

Cain: Coke.

What’s your favorite season?

Cain: Maybe winter?

DC or Marvel?

Cain: You know that.

The Rift Herald: What?

Cain: Marvel!

Salty or sweet?

Cain: Salty.

The final task: Contribute a question to add for future interviews.

Cain: Which region do you think is the strongest?