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Worlds 2018: A Lightning Round with Ovilee May

Our questions just weren’t spicy enough

Riot Games

After she finished her hosting job with Riot Games at the 2018 World Championship, Ovilee May joined us for a Lightning Round.

Here’s the usual spiel: Our Lightning Rounds questions all come from various sources. A bulk of them are from players we’ve talked to before, a few come from Vox Media employees and the rest come from me. Some are League related, most aren’t. Starting today, some of the questions are even from other people in the press room. Everyone now wants in on the Lightning Round. We can’t really blame them.

Ovilee had the best idea of what the Rift Herald Lightning Round was all about, shaking up the beloved jar of questions before we got started.

The interview below has been edited for clarity and length.

If you had to make your own League team, what would you name it?

Ovilee: Aniweebs.

Beef, chicken, pork or fish?

Ovilee: Fuck. Beef. No. Pork. No, beef. I miss beef.

Who talks the most shit on your team? (From RNG’s Mlxg.)

The Rift Herald: On the broadcast team!

Ovilee: Oh ... who talks the most shit on my team? Ooh. Who does? I think I do! I think I talk the most shit! I can’t back any of it up, but I talk the most shit.

What champion would you want a skin for if/when you win Worlds?

The Rift Herald: If you could get a Worlds skin.

Ovilee: If I have a win Worlds skin, it gotta be for ‘Raka or Lux.

The Rift Herald: Great taste. I’m a Soraka one-trick, so ...

Ovilee: Hell yeah.

Riot Games

What’s your favorite movie? (From Vitality’s Jactroll.)

Ovilee: If we’re talking about a real people movie, then Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. If we’re talking about anime ... [sucks teeth] What’s my favorite anime movie? Any Satoshi Kon films. Ghibli’s too simple. I don’t know, man. I can watch anything. Let’s just say Howl’s Moving Castle.

When you take off your socks, do you ever smell them? (From RNG’s Xiaohu.)

Ovilee: Hell yeah! Do you not?

Who do you think is the cutest player at Worlds? (From Xander Torres.)

Ovilee: I can’t answer this question! [laughs]

The Rift Herald: I’ll allow a pass. It’s more appropriate for a player to answer this one.

Ovilee: I have to keep my job!

Which country would you go to if you were to go overseas? (From EDG’s Scout.)

Ovilee: Japan.

If you could live in one video game universe, what would you pick?

Ovilee: I feel like Pokémon is the standard one, because everyone wants a pet or something. But Animal Crossing, though?

The Rift Herald: Animal Crossing is a good one! Pokémon is like ... do you see that human-sized bee over there with drills for hands? No, thanks.

Ovilee: Yeah! Wait, well, do you get the superpowers of the video game you’re in?

The Rift Herald: Yeah!

Ovilee: I want to be Bayonetta! If I could just fuckin’ like, smash angels’ heads in with shotguns attached to my fucking heels ... dear god.

What toppings do you get on your pizza?

Ovilee: Pineapples. Fight me.

The Rift Herald: Ssumday said that, too!

Ovilee: See? And Ssumday is a fucking carry!

If you had to play a different game competitively, which would you pick?

Ovilee: Stardew Valley.

What champion would you delete from the game if you could?

Ovilee: Who would I choose? Riven. I don’t understand her.

The Rift Herald: Yeah, if I can’t play her —

Ovilee: Then no one can.

Riot Games

What is your favorite potato chip flavor?

Ovilee: Hawaiian sweet onion in that purple bag. It’s so good.

If you could be an MMO class IRL, which would you pick?

Ovilee: I’m usually a healer. And that’d be sick, man. That’d be sick. I could just push someone over, they break their leg and then heal it.

The Rift Herald: Why would you do that?!

Ovilee: Just to be like, “I got you. I got you. It was all a joke.” Was it a blade dancer or fan dancer or something in an old MMO called Dragon Nest that Nexon did? There was a fan dancer that had shit and it threw orbs and junk and fans ... that was hype.

If you could play only one champion for the rest of your life, who would you pick?

Ovilee: I would figure out how to do AD ‘raka.

The Rift Herald: It used to be a thing, before she got reworked!

Ovilee: I know. :(

Do you prefer trains or planes?

Ovilee: Planes go faster, but trains are more comfy.

What champion would you be if you had to become one?

Ovilee: Ahri. No, yes. Because them tails, though! I could be petting my own tails all day!

What do you want to do when you win Worlds? Do you want to keep playing or quit? (From Flash Wolves’ SwordArt.)

Ovilee: Go to Disneyland. Who said they want to quit if they win Worlds?? Who??

Who’s the messiest person on your team?

Ovilee: I think Flowers’ desk is always a mess. I just like picking on Flowers. I need a question where I can shit on Vedius.

The Rift Herald: Okay, we can do one more.

Ovilee: Let’s do a spicy one!

The Rift Herald: I don’t know how many of these are going to be super spicy.

Ovilee: None of them are spicy?

The Rift Herald: They might just be weird.

Ovilee: [picks question] “What is the most memorable moment of your pro career?” Come on, Blaber! “What’s your favorite season?” Give me something spicy!

The Rift Herald: The spiciest one in here was the Mlxg shit talk one!

Ovilee: Give me a spicy one! Make something up!

[Ed. note: It was at this exact moment that I knew I lost control of this interview, but I regret nothing.]

Who on the broadcast team could you beat in a fight?

Ovilee: Vedius.

The Rift Herald: Is that a real answer or do you just want to pick a fight?

Ovilee: That’s my real answer. Vedius.

The last task: Contribute a question to ask players in future interviews.

The Rift Herald: You could make it spicy.

Ovilee: Ooh, I’m gonna make it spicy. You’re trapped in a closet with somebody on your team for 24 hours. Who do you pick?