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Worlds 2018: A Lightning Round with kt Rolster’s Deft

This one was the fastest Lightning Round so far

Riot Games

After kt Rolster polished off MAD Team on day three of the 2018 World Championship Group Stage, AD carry Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu sat down for the fastest Lightning Round we’ve had so far.

We set a random assortment of questions in a jar. (Yes, we’ve upgraded from the Ziploc!) Some of the questions are from Vox Media employees, some are from players we’ve already thrown into our Lightning Round and some of them are just completely random ones from my brain. We toss the jar to the players and have them pick questions and answer as many as they can in a short time.

The interview below has been edited for clarity and length. The translation for the interview was done by Ashley Kang.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a pro League player? (From Cloud9’s Jensen.)

Deft: Just be a normal university student.

What is one food you would never eat?

Deft: Salmon. I just don’t like it.

What are you being for Halloween? (Of course, you’re making it to Finals, so you won’t be celebrating Halloween, but what would you be for Halloween?)

Deft: I want to go as a big pumpkin head — not a pumpkin. A pumpkin head.

Beef, pork, chicken or fish?

Deft: Fish.

What is your favorite holiday?

Deft: Lunar New Year.

What champion would you delete from the game?

Deft: Camille.

The final task: Contribute a question to add to the jar to ask in future interviews.

Deft: If you could turn into another pro player, who would you pick?