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According to GorillA, Teemo support is the best way to climb during preseason

Blame him the next time you see it in solo queue.

Whether it’s Tahm Kench being a pretty good jungler, or Miss Fortune being the best AD Carry, solo queue’s always a little strange during the preseason.

But none of those are quite as surprising as what Longzhu Gaming support player Kang “Gorilla” Beom-hyeon thinks is the strongest support in solo queue right now. When the Rift Herald had the chance to ask him what support he thought was secretly good at the 2017 All-Star Event in Los Angeles, Kang had this to say: “In Korean solo queue I saw a lot of support players playing like Teemo ... with the Aery rune and they had a really good result and were climbing in solo queue a lot.”

According to Kang, Summon Aery gives Teemo enough damage to forgo more standard support items, helping impact solo queue games more aggressively than most other supports in the meta.

“By seeing that I thought, maybe now support players won’t be forced to go sightstone and can focus on damage items. This could suggest a whole new kind of supports,” Kang added, imaging a bright future where support might be able to do almost as much damage as traditional carries.