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G2 Esports vs. Unicorns of Love 2017 live blog: Scores, highlights, and news from the EU LCS finals

Can G2 win its third straight title, or will the Unicorns play spoiler? Follow along live here.

Riot Games

G2 Esports has claimed its third consecutive EU LCS title, defeating the Unicorns of Love 3-1 in an exciting final Sunday. With the win, G2 will qualify for its second consecutive MSI, hoping to perform better than last year’s disappointing showing.

Sunday was anything but disappointing for G2. The team looked as clean as it ever has, with notably strong performances from Expect in the top lane and PerkZ in the mid lane. G2’s solo laners were its weak points last year, and with arguably the strongest jungler and duo lane in the region, the team looks formidable as it returns to the international scene.

UOL put up a strong fight, and has to be proud with its second second-place EU LCS finish in franchise history. Samux had a particularly strong series, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the strongest team in the region.

Game 4, 20:00: G2 has taken an early lead, up 8-2 in kills and 4.5k in gold at 20 minutes.

Game 4, pick and bans:

UOL: Rumble, Gragas, Talon, Caitlyn, Tahm Kench

G2: Camille, Rengar, LeBlanc, Ashe, Braum

Game 3, 39:00: UOL have done it! After falling behind early to G2, UOL comes back with a stunning 17-14 win after winning a series of successful team fights.

Samux finishes the game 7/1/7, with Xerxe leading the way in kill participation with a 2/0/13 line on Gragas.

We’ll head to Game 4 now, with G2 still a win away from a third straight title.

Game 3, 30:00: Trailing big with their backs against the wall, UOL wins a miracle ace near Baron, evening up the gold score and taking the buff.

UOL now has the lead, with Samux’s Lucian at 4/1/3 and Xerxe’s Gragas at 2/0/6.

Game 3, 15:00: After a close start in the early game, G2 wins a 2-0 fight in the mid lane to take a brief lead.

However, UOL takes a tower top to keep th egold even ... for now. G2 has a 6-2 kill lead, and Expect’s Gangplank and PerkZ’s Cassiopeia continue to scale on schedule.

Game 3, pick and ban:

UOL: Shen, Gragas, Talon, Lucian, Malzahar

G2: Gangplank, Elise, Cassiopeia, Varus, Fiddlesticks

Game 2, 30:00: Despite the early lead for UOL, G2 took control in the mid game with a series of won fights. The first was near Baron at 22 minutes, allowing the defending champions to pick up the buff and start the death siege. At 25 minutes, another fight for G2 broken open UOL’s base and took the first inhib. The second inhib came two minutes later, and the 19-10 win was short to follow.

Zven finishes with a game-high eight kills, while Trick contributed a remarkable 18 assists. Expect’s Camille held strong in what can be a tough matchup against Poppy, while PerkZ’s Swain came through with a strong performance against LeBlanc.

G2 leads 2-0, and is one win away from a third straight title and second straight MSI appearance.

Game 2, 15:00: The kill score is even at 5-5, but it’s UOL who have the tempo this game. The team is up 3k gold with only a one tower advantage, taking advantage of strong laning and getting two kills onto Exileh’s LeBlanc.

Game 2, pick and bans: G2’s running a carry-heavy composition in Game 2 once again, this time bringing out a surprise Swain for PerkZ to counter Exileh’s LeBlanc. Vizicsacsi’s turning back the clock a little with the Poppy pick to contend with Expect’s Camille.

G2: Camille, Ivern, Swain, Caitlyn, Lulu

UOL: Poppy, Rengar, LeBlanc, Varus, Malzahar

Game 2, pre-game: UOL’s manager isn’t the only one decked out: Lothar’s got a sweet mask, too.

Game 1, 46:00: After a few late missteps, G2 has closed out Game 1, 22-7 with a gold lead larger than 20k. Expect absolutely dominated on his signature Gangplank, finishing the game 8/0/11 with an 8.1k gold lead over EU LCS MVP Vizicsacsi. Trick’s Rumble (3/2/14) and PerkZ’s Ryze (7/2/10) also had large leads over their opponents, while Zven’s Ashe (4/2/12) and Mithy’s Thresh (0/1/19) were both involved in G2’s team fight successes.

Game 1, 40:00: G2 has taken a commanding lead, led by Expect’s satanic efforts:

But UOL just won an important fight backed up in their own base, taking the gold lead down to ... just a measly 14k gold.

Game 1, 30:00: G2 continues to extend its lead, so UOL attempts to sneak a desperation Baron at 29 minutes. But the AOE combination of Gangplank and Rumble’s respective ultimates wipe out UOL in the pit, giving G2 a pair of kills and the uncontested Baron.

G2 now has the buff with a 7-1 kill lead and a 8k gold lead.

Game 1, 20:00: Just like it did all regular season long, G2 is taking its small early lead and extending it around the map. While Trick ganks top to kill Vizicsacsi, PerkZ has a miraculous escape using his Ryze ulti in response to a Xerxe gank mid.

G2 is up 3-0 with a nearly 4k gold lead, led by a 1.7k advantage for Expect in the top lane.

Game 1, 10:00: Hylissang gets caught playing with his food, as mithy keeps him in place while G2 collapses, earning Zven First Blood.

Game 1, picks and bans:

UOL: Shen, Ivern, Vladimir, Caitlyn, Tahm Kench

G2: Gangplank, Rumble, Ryze, Ashe, Thresh

Game 1, pre-game: UOL manager Romain Bigeard is ready for the finals. Are you?

Two-team defending European champions G2 Esports and 2015 Spring runners-up Unicorns of Love will square off Sunday for the European crown and a spot at the Mid-Season Invitational in Brazil. The best-of-five series starts at 11 a.m. Eastern.

These teams met once in the regular season, with G2 taking the series 2-0. Both teams won their quarterfinal matches 3-1: G2 against Fnatic and UOL against Misfits. This match will also feature former EU LCS MVP Trick going up against newly-named EU LCS MVP Vizicsacsi.

Unicorns have had quite the successful year after just narrowly missing out on Worlds in 2016, winning IEM Oakland in November before finishing in first place in the Group B round robin. Now, UOL is making its first title series in two years, and taking on the region’s best in G2.

G2 has known no finish but first since qualifying for the EU LCS prior to the 2016 Spring Season. The team has since finished atop the league in every round robin and playoff series, and is looking for its third straight title.


G2 Esports

  • Top: Ki “Expect” Dae-han
  • Jungle: Kim “Trick” Gang-yun
  • Mid: Luka “PerkZ” Perković
  • ADC: Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen
  • Support: Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre Rodríguez

Unicorns of Love

  • Top: Kiss “Vizicsacsi” Tamás
  • Jungle: Andrei “Xerxe” Dragomir
  • Mid: Fabian “Exileh” Schubert
  • ADC: Samuel “Samux Fernández Fort
  • Support: Zdravets “Hylissang” Iliev Galabov

Series info and how to watch

You can watch the best-of-five series live on Lolesports as well as on the EULCS1 Twitch channel.