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Origen relegated after winless 2017

Get your Origen icons before it's too late!

Riot Games

European LCS team Origen has been relegated after losing in the knockout series of the 2017 EU LCS Promotion Tournament, 3-0 to Giants Gaming Thursday. Their position in the elimination match was secured after a 3-0 loss to Misfits Academy in the first round of the Promotion Tournament.

This relegation from the EU LCS comes after a catastrophic Spring Split for Origen that saw them go 0-13, failing to win a single series since the start of 2017.

Origen was founded in December 2014 by former Fnatic star mid laner Enrique “xPeke” Martínez. After joining the LCS in the Summer Split of 2015, Origen finished second in playoffs that split and were one of the teams representing Europe at the World Championships where they were beaten in the semifinals by eventual champion SK Telecom T1.

In the 2016 Spring Split, the team placed second in playoffs once again, and appeared poised for a second straight Worlds appearance. However, after substantial roster changes, Origen finished ninth in the Summer Split and were ineligible for Worlds competition due to being sent to the relegation tournament.

Misfits Academy earned Origen’s spot in the EU LCS by defeating Fnatic Academy in the Winners’ Match Thursday. Fnatic Acaemy will play Giants in the Promotion Tournament’s final series Friday.