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EU LCS Week 8 schedule: EU’s top four square off

Europe’s top four face off against each other.

Riot Games

Last week in EU LCS play, H2K brought three of the region’s four best teams level on record by beating Misfits. That puts Unicorns of Love, H2K and Misfits all all into a tie for second place at 7-2. With this week pitting these teams against each other — in the context of their own groups — this puts Misfits into the toughest possible position as they are forced to go up against, the still undefeated, G2 Esports. Meanwhile, Unicorns and H2K will face each other with the winner having the best chance to take the second seed going into playoffs.

On the other side of the standings we have an almost identical situation between Roccat, Team Vitality and Giants as they who face each other this week in a quest to avoid joining Origen in the relegation tournament.

All games will be watchable on the Lolesports website, as well as on Twitch at the EU LCS 1 channel.

Here’s the week’s schedule:

All times Eastern (US).

Thursday, March 16

Origen vs. Team Vitality, 12 p.m., EU LCS 1

Fnatic vs. Roccat, 3 p.m., EU LCS 1

Friday, March 17

H2K vs. Unicorns of Love, 12 p.m., EU LCS 1

G2 Esports vs. Misfits, 3 p.m., EU LCS 1

Saturday, March 18

Roccat vs. Giants, 11 a.m., EU LCS 1

Splyce vs. Origen, 2 p.m., EU LCS 1