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How to watch EU LCS week 5: schedule and streams

Europe’s two remaining undefeated teams go head to head.

Riot Games

Europe’s group stage has proved to be fairly predictable, but with the end of group play the discovery of how the two halves of the league match up with each other has been fascinating so far. This week should be no different as we get a match between the league’s two remaining undefeated teams.

G2 vs. Unicorns of Love is likely to be Europe’s best series of the season so far. The two group winners seem to be head and shoulders above the other teams in the region — with the possible exception of Misfits, who haven’t play UOL or H2K yet. Add into this the fact both G2 and UOL play entirely different styles and the creativity of the pick ban phase from Unicorns, and this is sure to be the region’s best series of the week.

All games will be watchable on the Lolesports website, as well as on twitch at the EU LCS 1 channel.

Here’s the week’s schedule:

All times Eastern (US).

Thursday, February 16

G2 vs. Unicorns of Love, 11 a.m., EU LCS 1

Fnatic vs. Splyce, 2 p.m., EU LCS 1

Friday, February 17

Misfits vs. Vitality, 11 a.m., EU LCS 1

H2K vs. Giants, 2 p.m., EU LCS 1

Saturday, February 18

Splyce vs. Roccat, 10 a.m., EU LCS 1

Fnatic vs. Origen, 1 p.m., EU LCS 1