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Misfits sweeps ROCCAT with back-to-back Baron steals, backdoor finish

An incredible end to a fun series.

Riot Games

Some League of Legends players earn an association with certain champions, whether it’s because they’re willing to play it in any meta (Froggen’s Anivia), they picked it as a complete surprise once (Huni’s Lucian) or because they had a breakout performance on it (Inori’s Rengar).

For PowerOfEvil, that champion is undoubtedly Orianna. With Unicorns of Love, Origen and Misfits, he’s made plays on the team-fighting mage. His only Pentakill in competitive play came back in 2015 with Smite Orianna (yes, really). It’s his most-played champion in his career (just a few games in front of Syndra), and it was no surprise he locked it in Thursday for Game 2 of Misfits’ EU LCS series vs. ROCCAT.

Up 1-0 in the series after a dominating Game 1, Misfits entered the second game as pretty large favorites. But ROCCAT took an early lead and looked to send the series to a third and final game.

That’s when PowerOfEvil’s Orianna came through, stealing a crucial Baron and turning the game on its head.

This isn’t even the first time PoE has stolen Baron with a well-timed Orianna shockwave. He did it back in 2015 with Unicorns of Love against SK Gaming:

Misfits followed this up with yet another Baron steal a few minutes later, as KaKAO jumped into the pit as Kha’Zix to steal away the objective. It was already too late for ROCCAT, however: Misfits’ third backdoor attempt of the game finally worked, winning the game and the series and keeping its undefeated record intact.

Misfits’ next series will see them square off against two-time defending EU champions G2 Esports Saturday.