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Fnatic backdoors with Ryze ultimate for dramatic win vs. G2 Esports


After a pretty crushing defeat for Fnatic in the first game of Thursday’s EU LCS series against Group A favorites, 17-year-old Danish mid lane prospect Rasmus “Caps” Winther had an absolutely terrific game on Ryze.

It all started with a pair of outplays against Perkz, earning him a big lead and making him a serious danger for the entire game. Fnatic needed that, because Caps was the main line of defense against a pick-heavy G2 composition that kept the game close.

Fnatic nearly ended the game at 44 minutes, but G2 was able to fend them off after both Nexus towers were taken. But just a few minutes later, Fnatic baited G2 out of its base and used Caps’s Ryze ultimate to teleport behind them, sneaking into the base and destroying the Nexus for the victory.

It was a fantastic game for Caps, who ended up 6/3/7 in Game 2. The series concludes with Game 3 momentarily.