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Watch Caps style on Perkz for back-to-back kills

Fnatic’s “Baby Faker” strikes again.

17-year-old Danish mid lane prospect Rasmus “Caps” Winther joined Fnatic as a part of its new roster in December. In his first LCS series, he’s making quite the mark.

After losing the first game of its series against G2 Esports Thursday, Fnatic burst out of the gate in the second game, led by the performance of its mid laner.

Just a few minutes into the game, Caps’s Ryze was extremely low on health and looked certain to be the victim of Perkz’s Syndra for the first kill of the game. But Caps flashed away just in time to avoid the killing blow, unloading a burst of damage and securing the surprise kill.

Just a few minutes later, Caps struck again. This time, he survives a gank from Trick’s Rek’Sai before once again outplaying Perkz’s Syndra, this time with just a sliver of health remaining.

With Ryze one of the top picks in the meta and Caps’s proficiency on the champion, you can be sure we’ll be seeing more plays like this in the weeks to come.