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OG NaeHyun’s Ekko steals Baron against H2K

A nice debut for the rookie.

The opening series of the 2017 European LCS Spring Split squares Group B favorites H2K up against Origen, a team many consider to be the worst in all of Europe. Don’t tell that to Origen, however -- after a loss in Game 1, the team has come back swigning in Game 2, keeping the game close in part because of mid laner NaeHyun switching to Ekko from Ryze.

That Ekko was more capable of handling Febiven’s Syndra in lane, but the value came through even bigger later, when NaeHyun strolled into the Baron pit and stole the objective from H2K.

If H2K had managed to secure that Baron, the game certainly would have been over — OG had led in the early game, but H2K had been growing its gold lead steadily prior to this Baron. NaeHyun’s steal allowed Origen to extend the game, giving OG a chance of bringing the series to three games. H2K eventually won, but it wasn’t for a lack of effort on NaeHyun’s part.

NaeHyun signed with Origen in January after spending last year with Team KungFu in China’s secondary league (LSPL).