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An EU LCS Spring 2017 power ranking specifically designed for Misfits No. 1

This is not a goof.

Look, I watch the LCS every week, and I have since I started playing League in 2013. That being said, I am not going to pretend that I have paid THAT much attention to EU. Sure, I have players that I enjoy and teams that I watch, but NA and LCK have always been my focus.

So, just for funzies, here is my gut feeling, totally serious power ranking for the EU LCS Spring 2017 Split.

#1 Misfits

I was sold on this team the moment they signed KaKAO, one of my all-time favorite players. KaKAO started in LCK and played for various KT organizations (my favorite being the old KT Arrows). But during the great Korean move to China after Season 4, KaKAO left Korea and...uh...well, he didn’t really find success. But he has left China to join a EU team, and how exciting is that? The age of Western Rengar will finally live with KaKAO.

There are also other players on this team, including PowerOfEvil, who looks a lot like a friend of mine.

Anyway, Misfits will probably disappoint me, and they probably don’t deserve this #1 spot on my very prestigious list. But, for what its worth, I hope they take #1, and I hope they know that they have at least one person out there rooting for them.

I mean...come on

Uh...I only volunteered to do this power ranking so I could talk about KaKAO. Wait, hold on. I can still do this.

(Googles EU LCS teams)


#2 H2k-Gaming

These guys were very impressive at Worlds this year, even after I had completely counted them out. They may have lost Ryu, but they gained Febiven, who is pretty good? Odoamne was a monster at worlds and Prolly has proven himself to be a very capable coach. (Bonus: cool shield logo)

#3 Fnatic

I always like Fnatic. As a CLG fan in NA, I feel like it is OK to like the “TSM of EU” (I hope I just made a couple people out there really mad). In terms of rosters, they have one of the more recognizable groups. Rekkles may have a good season, Amazing has been OK sometimes, and sOAZ hasn’t been good in forever, but, who knows?

#4 Splyce

The entire reason that Splyce is this high on my list (after their terrible showing at Worlds in 2016) is that I believe in YamatoCannon. I am a firm believer in coaches for the League pro scene and YamatoCannon presents himself as one of the most intelligent people in pro LoL any time he is given the chance to speak. He is also very handsome, which won’t necessarily help his team win, but hey, points anyways.

#5 G2 Esports

G2 has some talent on their roster, and in a EU that has a lot of fresh faces, experienced players could end up taking the day. I think that G2’s placement heavily depends on the skills brought in by the newer teams. If all goes according to plan, G2 could certainly place a lot higher than #5, but if I have learned anything from watching over they years, it is that nobody should ever count on things going according to plan in EU. I have also never really understood what their logo is? Is it a Samurai helmet?

#6 Origen

Other than Tabzz, I do not recognize the names of any of these players. However, Xpeke owns the team, and has done a fairly nice job of pulling unlikely scenarios together in the past, so who am I to count him (and by proxy, his team) out? Xpeke: also very handsome.


I once bought a big mouse pad from ROCCAT that I really liked, but it wore out a little too quickly for the money that I spent on it.

3 of 5 stars

#8 Giants Gaming

Giants has been a really weird org to watch since they started in the LCS. They look bad, and then everyone counts them out and they get an upset. They haven’t looked completely terrible in some splits, but they are certainly unreliable. I would like to see them do well, because I think that they are fun to watch, but again, I’m not counting on anything here.

#9 Team Vitality

Honestly, I am not sure how it has come to this? I am the only person you will ever meet who LOVED the Jin Air Green Wings back when Ganked By Mom (now known as GBM) played mid. They had a slow, painful style that I found delightful. But then, GBM left for America, and that didn’t work out, so now, GBM has left for Europe and is...jungling? This all just breaks my hear, and so Team Vitality has been allocated to spot #9.

Sad Plane

#10 Unicorns of Love

I don’t care much for the Unicorns of Love.