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Fnatic Academy and Team Kinguin qualify for EU Challenger Series

Both teams came out on top of the 12 team field in impressive 3-0 performances

Riot Games

The 2017 European Challenger series has finalized its last two participants as Fanatic Academy and Team Kinguin enter from the Spring Qualifier.

Though they were two of the perspective favorites entering the tournament, the two eventual winners each finished the group stage in second place in their respective groups. However, both teams managed to rally before the playoff matches against the opposing group’s number one seed. For Fnatic Academy that meant playing Team Forge, while Team Kinguin went up against Nerve. Both teams won their playoff series 3-0, qualifying them for the EU Challenger Series.

In the Challenger Series Team Kinguin and Fnatic Academy will be joined by four other teams vying for entry into the EU LCS: Schalke 04, Paris Saint-Germain, Misfits Academy, and Millennium.

The teams will compete during the LCS Spring Split, first in a double round robin, then the top four will move on to the offline playoffs. The first and second place teams then have the chance to join the EU LCS through the Promotion/Relegation Tournament.