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EU LCS Week 3 Day 1 guide: ROC vs. Origen, H2K vs. G2, Splyce vs. Giants VODs and scores

Who will take first place? H2K or G2 Esports?

Riot Games

The EU LCS is back today with super hot matches - mainly G2 Esports vs. H2K. The two teams will be fighting for first place. G2 has to win or tie in order to keep their spot at the top.

Mateusz "Kikis" Szkudlarek also stepped down from G2 Esports and will be replaced by Dae-han "Expect" Ki. It's only a matter of time before we see if Kikis is who they need to win. Origen is also still starting Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño as their AD carry this week and hopefully we won't see him flashing into any fights this week.

The games will be played on Patch 6.11.  All games will be streamed live on the Lolesports website and on Youtube and Twitch (EULCS1and EULCS2).

Below, we will keep this post updated with the VODs for each game, as well as results and box scores. If you are hoping to avoid spoilers, do not click the "show/hide series results" button below each set of VODs. If you do want to know the results, click away!

Roccat vs. Origen

Fnatic vs. FC Schalke 04

Unicorns of Love vs. Vitality

G2 Esports vs. H2K

Giants vs. Splyce