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Yellowstar hired as head of esports at Paris Saint-Germain

A reminder that Tear always turns into Archangel’s.

Bora “Yellowstar” Kim, the longtime support player for Fnatic (and briefly TSM) retired from professional play two days ago. While this news was without a doubt disappointing to long term fans of his, it appears that Yellowstar has landed on solid ground. Say goodbye to pro-player Yellowstar, and hello to suave businessman Yellowstar. Or, if you prefer, Double-0 Yellowstar.

“Chalice of Harmony, shaken, not stirred”

Yes, Yellowstar has joined the newest EU LCS Challenger team as their head of esports. Paris Saint-Germain, France’s largest football club, recently bought the spot of EU Challenger team Huma. The purchase of a Challenger team and the hiring of a big player like Yellowstar suggests that PSG is truly in for the esports long haul.

While we don’t know much about PSG’s future plans, we do have this new video that came with the big announcement.

Now all we can do is wonder how successful Teemo support really can be? Maybe we should ask TSM Reginald, Yellowstar’s old boss.