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Fnatic support YellowStar retires after legendary career

)’: My tear is fully stacked now.

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Bora “YellowStar” Kim has retired from professional League of Legends at 24 years old, after six seasons of play. He’s known for his support play on the European team Fnatic, but it didn’t always start off like that.

YellowStar originally started as an AD carry and transitioned to support later on. He became one of the most well-known Fnatic players, becoming one of the team’s icons.

His career started back in Season 1 with against All Authority, making the first ever World Championship. In Season 2 he made Worlds with SK Gaming, before signing with Fnatic in January 2013 in a move that would help establish a European dynasty.

With YellowStar, Fnatic won the first three EU LCS championships in a row and five out of the first six. The team made Worlds every year until 2016, peaking with a Worlds semifinal run in 2015.

YellowStar is one of only two players to make it to five consecutive World Championships, the other being Marcus “Dyrus” Hill of Team SoloMid.

In the 2016 Spring Split, YellowStar moved to North America and signed with TSM. The team made a surprise run at the finals, but it was ultimately a disappointing split and YellowStar returned to Fnatic for the Summer Split. That team did not perform up to expectations either, missing Worlds for the first time since Season 2.