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A fan remade Summoner’s Rift in The Sims 4

Welcome to Simmoner’s Rift

Summoner’s Rift made on The Sims 4 Princesslollip8 via Twitter

After years of logging into League of Legends, you might think you’ve seen everything to see about the Summoner’s Rift map. But there’s always a new perspective on familiar places.

Take, for instance, this fan build of Summoner’s Rift, made in the life simulator game The Sims 4. From a top down angle, it certainly looks familiar, but a closer look reveals just how much love and detail went into making League of Legends’ most iconic map in an entirely different title.

The Sims 4 recently added new terrain tools, allowing players to change up the land they live on. This means that instead of perfectly flat lots that are perfect for building humble little houses, players can get more ambitious. They can create a lakeside, mountainous terrain ... or a battleground where ten League of Legends champions gather to do battle.

Princesslollip8 has a Twitter page with more screenshots of her League of Legends/The Sims 4 mix-up. She will also be posting more The Sims 4 builds in future. This is definitely an impressive start to her portfolio — I can already imagine playing on this map and getting ruthlessly ganked by a fed Tryndamere.