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Lux and Zed are also getting Marvel comics

More stories from the League universe!

Riot Games

Riot Games released a video this morning about how the company will be expanding their in-game universe further this year. While they talked a bit about learning about Demacia and Bandle City, the biggest news was the addition of Marvel comics about Lux and Zed.

The two champions will receive their own comics, with Lux’s being a five-issue series. The company hopes to release an issue per month. With Demacia now forced to deal with magic due to Sylas, Lux is likely going to have to experience a shake-up in her life, as Demacia’s only “accepted” magic-user. Zed’s comic will follow him as he hunts down another of Ionia’s assassins later in the year, though who the assassin is will be a mystery for now.

So far, Ashe’s comic, Warmother, has released new issues available to read online for free once a month. In May, they’ll be combined into a trade paperback.