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League’s newest cinematic, ‘Awaken,’ features Camille, Jhin, and more

Get ready for season 9

Riot Games released a new cinematic today, presumably to inspire players to get ready for the 2019 ranked season, which starts on Wednesday. The cinematic features several of the game’s notable rivalries, like Camille and Jhin’s.

The song, Awaken, features the vocals of Valerie Broussard and it really makes the animation feel epic.

You see Riven taking out a bunch of coliseum lackies, earning the right to fight Draven. Camille is on a sneaky ops mission to arrest Jhin. Irelia leads the Ionian forces (featuring Karma, Yasuo, Kennen and Akali) to take down a Noxian army led by Sion. Each changing scene tells a story, but doesn’t show who wins.

Draven and Yasuo have appeared in several cinematics before, but this is the debut of a lot of different champions we have yet to see animated in this style.

We all love a good cinematic and watching Riven take on a bunch of dudes without even using her sword is so satisfying. (The part where she headbutts Draven made me want to be a Riven main. But I won’t.)