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Special Dark Star Cho’Gath skin raises over $6.1 million for charity

That’s pretty dang good

Riot Games

Riot Games sold a special Dark Star skin for Cho’Gath for a month over the summer, with 100 percent of proceeds going to charity. On Monday, the company reported that the skin raised over $6.1 million for various charities.

The skin was made with a player named Bryan and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Bryan got to contribute to the design as well as the login theme music.

One Reddit user did the math and noted this means that Dark Star Cho’Gath sold around 610,00 times throughout the month. More users also explain that despite not really playing Cho’Gath, they bought the skin. It looks good and it’s going to a good cause. What other reason do you need to buy a video game cosmetic?

The skin was sold for 1350 RP and will no longer be available to purchase by regular means. The skin is now considered Mythic and can only be crafted with 10 Gemstones, similar to other Hextech crafting exclusive skins.