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Sneaky’s Star Guardian Soraka cosplay is what dreams are made of

He’s so photogenic!

Cloud9 AD carry Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi has done it again, but this time with the beloved Star Guardian Soraka skin. We’re talking about his latest cosplay.

As usual, Scuderi looks great and he’s really working it. (How did he get his legs to look so long?) The first photo is edited to put him on Summoner’s Rift and his dazed expression really does match how supports feel about their carries in your average game.

In the past, he’s cosplayed Pizza Delivery Sivir and Dark Elementalist Lux, only to receive tons of support from fans and other professionals in the esports scene. Again, his Soraka cosplay brings in more hilarious comments from peers.

Scuderi has announced that he’s also made a Patreon page so people can support his cosplay endeavors. Patrons will get special prints, photosets and more depending on what tier they pledge.

We’re just wondering when he’s going to release horizontal photos that we can use as our desktop backgrounds at this point.

Scuderi will be streaming in his cosplay and you can catch him on his Twitch channel here.