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See how the adorable new Kindred figure was made

They may be the LoL Grim Reapers but ohmygodtheycute!

Riot Games

Lamb and Wolf are League’s creepiest/cutest duo and they’re impossible to hate. Well, if you’re a figure collector, you can finally pick up Kindred in the Riot Merch store. We see new figures all the time; what’s exciting about this one is the story behind it.

On their Facebook page, Riot posted a cute design sheet of figure feedback.

Wanted to share some Behind the Scenes (BTS) content around the making of the Kindred figure. Here is a look at some of...

Posted by Riot Games Merch on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Kindred figure shown here is obviously a bit different than the final product, with Lamb standing on her own rather than sitting on a stump. But the important thing to look at here is the positioning and textures of Wolf.

In the original drawings, Wolf’s fur is very smooth, whereas he’s pretty gnarly looking in game. Looking at the final product, the fur has evolved quite a bit and looks more like the bloodthirsty beast we know and love. In the final product, his head also looks to be turned more toward his beloved counterpart.

Looking at how the design team sees Kindred’s relationship is always a bit of a treasure, much like this very cute figure.