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Watch Riot design Irelia’s rework in this new behind the scenes video

Turns out reworking a champion is no small task.

Riot Games

Irelia has been out for just over a month now and after a day one nerf people already either love her or hate her. The one thing everyone seems to be in agreement on is that her design is pretty great. In honor of the team that helped bring her into the game, Riot has released a new video that shows exactly how Irelia’s rework came to be.

More than any other video that Riot has ever released, this one details the in and outs of exactly what it takes to design a champion or a rework. The team of artists and designers are shown working tirelessly through iteration after iteration of her kit. There are even a few hints at what abilities she almost had and her look before they finally figured out what exactly was right for this new Irelia.

We’ve never been able to see the exact difficulties of champion design and the process it takes in this much detail before. We’ve always known it was a process that takes months, but we’ve never seen those months. It’s a fascinating look behind the curtain and an important reminder about just how hard it is to keep things fresh in a game that’s been running for almost a decade. Let’s hope that Riot gives us more inside looks like this one to give everyone a better idea of how their favorite parts of League of Legends are actually created.