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Discord now has more League friendly features

Who needs the League client when we have Discord?

Discord, the increasingly popular chat application, now has some pretty cool new features. The company announced via their twitter that they would be adding some new League-related information to their their client.

Yes, it seems Discord is no longer satisfied with eating the lunch of Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, and Skype. Instead, they have elevated to taking lunch money from Riot themselves (or, you know, collaborating with them to make this cool update happen). How many times have you logged into League, not to play a game but to see what your friends are up to?

The convenience factor here is absolutely awesome, but there is an even better feature than the lazy ability to not check your client. Discord is all about coming together with a group of like-minded people. Chances are, you’ve never met some of those people. Chances are, you aren’t actually friends with them on League.

Not only will the client now tell you who they’re playing, it’ll let you know how long. After their game, you can strike up a conversation about your common opinions on champions, or how disgusted you are that they like Shaco (I thought we were friends, Tom).

Even better, all of these changes are live now! Go nuts, make some friends! Shun Tom for his Shaco-like behavior!