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The illusive original Irelia splash art from LCS has been revealed

This is what could have been.

Victor Maury/Riot Games

With Irelia’s rework coming soon, many fans were wondering what happened to that updated Irelia splash art we saw on LCS.

Nearly three years ago, a new image of Irelia was shown in champion select on LCS. It was obviously a huge step up from the splash art that was on live servers and players patiently waited for the art to be changed ... but it never happened.

On Wedesday, the artist behind the Irelia drawing has posted the full version of the piece, apparently from his internship days.

This version is slightly different from the version we saw on LCS, but hey, we’re happy to be seeing any full version of this image. (The original had a different face.)

It’s unknown why this splash art wasn’t pushed to live as of right now, but the missing Irelia splash art mystery has been solved. We’ll never be seeing this version on live servers, since Irelia’s visual and gameplay rework will be added next week.