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Riot’s Thunderdome is creating 3 games made in 2 days

See what three games made it out of Riot’s 48 hour challenge.

Riot Games

Every year, Riot Games’ employees break off into separate teams for an event called the Thunderdome. Each department of the company works on different projects and attempts to come up with solutions and innovations in 48 hours, then competes with the other teams in their department to see who had the best ideas.

While this happens all across Riot, the division that most often gets attention is gameplay, which sets out into teams of three who each build a game in just two days. This year, those teams are based around some of League’s special events as voted on by fans. The events are Star Guardian, Pool Party, and Project.

The first game is Star Guardian: Insomnia, which features champions with Star Guardian skins fighting their way through a 2D, bullet hell game.

Game number two is called Super Zac ball, and looks like some combination of Volleyball and Pong, with players using Pool Party champions to hit an object back and forth and try to score points on each other. What is that object, you ask? Why, it’s a terrifying Zac blob, of course.

Finally, there’s PROJECT.EXEcute, a top down co-op shooter where players can use Project skin champions to fight off waves of enemies.

Eventually, each of these games will be released to the public to try out. To keep up on all the projects that come out of the the games section of Riot’s Thunderdome, check out the event’s Twitter account.