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Sneaky’s crossdressing cosplay is super good (update)

We tried to think of a dek, but all I can think of is “o_o.”

Update: The beloved C9 ADC and streamer has done it again, but this time with Pizza Delivery Sivir. He looks great as usual!

We at the Rift Herald are questioning if we’re going to have to bump this post every time he makes a new cosplay, but we don’t really have any issues with doing that, so ...

The headline of this story has been updated to reflect the changes in this article. You can see the original post below.

If you have refreshed your esports Twitter timeline, you might have noticed some type of horrific disturbance in the force. Everyone is wigging out because Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi of Cloud9 has posted some of his Dark Elementalist Lux cosplay and it’s good.

The cosplay is apparently a treat to his fans for subscribing to his Twitch channel. He revealed that he’d be cosplaying her on Feb. 27 when he reached 4,400 subscribers and noted that he’ll be cosplaying on stream when he hits 5,000.

This isn’t the first time that Scuderi has crossplayed though. He’s worked maid outfits and even a Star Guardian Urgot cosplay on stream in the past. We love it. We’re here for this. We’re also not the only ones here for this. The reactions from others in the esports scene are hilarious.

Scuderi will definitely be streaming in this outfit sometime and you can check out his Twitch channel here.