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Annie gets an animated short to introduce her new lore

All previous Annie content is also being brought back to the in-game store, along with some icons for BE.

Riot Games

After teasing it’s release, Riot has finally given us our first look at Annie’s new lore with a brief animated video.

According to her newly updated lore, Annie was born to wizard and witch parents who lived in the wilderness outside of Noxus, but when she was young her mother disappeared. After that, Annie’s father married a Noxian woman, unfortunately tragedy befalls the new family and is blamed on Annie, causing her to lose control of her latent abilities as a pyromancer and burn the family’s house to the ground with her father inside. In a fit of anger, Annie’s new stepmother attempts to take Annie’s stuffed bear Tibbers, causing Annie to summon her dark guardian for the first time.

Just in time for the lore update, all of Annie’s previous cosmetics will return to the League of Legends in-game store on Feb. 6. This will include Annie’s legacy skins as well as two brand new summoner icons, which you can buy with BE.

Riot Games