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You can now buy an official K/DA Akali mask

And it glows in the dark!

Riot Games

After extremely high demand for K/DA merch, Riot has released a K/DA Akali mask. And yes, it glows in the dark.

The original launch of K/DA merch was disappointing to many fans. With the release of a K/DA Ahri figure, a dad hat with the logo and some plain-ish shirts, fans were wondering why they couldn’t buy things like Akali’s mask or her snapback hat. The demand for K/DA merch was heard and Riot has announced that more merchandise will release next year. As an early release, they’re selling the iconic mask from the music video.

The mask is $15 and made of polyester. On the side of the mask is a little tag with the Riot Games and K/DA logo. The straps also seem to be tied on the sides, so you can adjust the size if you need to. Riot lists the item as “one size fits most.”

Riot Games

K/DA’s “Pop/Stars” music video reached 100 million views on YouTube recently, which is an extremely impressive feat. The band has accumulated tons of fanart and a fairly loyal fanbase already.

We’re excited for the birth of more K/DA merch. (Now who can we contact to get Akali’s jacket made?)