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Fan artists are making really good K/DA content

Give me more neon Akali!

Riot Games

Riot Games’ latest music group, K/DA, has taken the internet by storm with League and non-League fans alike have been drawing tons of fan art.

Riot expanded upon this skin line’s universe on their website, even providing a made-up interview with the four girls and treating them like a real pop group. That being said, a lot of the fan art has further opened up this universe and it’s great.

Akali and Evelynn have been getting a lot of fan art of them drawn together, since the duo is paired up in the music video.

Akali alone has gotten the most fan art out of the group, especially in her neon getup from the music video. That seemed to be the hands down favorite scene, so it’s only natural that it gets lots of really cool fan art.

We don’t know if Riot will give us more K/DA skins or content, so we’re thankful that there are so many artists out there creating things we can appreciate of the group.